Fotografía aérea del centro de Cuernavaca, 1988. Cortesía de Sergio Ortega y Francisco Gutiérrez.

Calle Chamilpa, ca. 1930. Cortesía de la Familia Gutiérrez Quintanilla

Organigrama de la empresa SYNTEX, CIVAC, 1975. Cortesía de Ana Rojas.

Toma de la calle Humboldt, ca. 1994. Cortesía de Juan Machín.

Cantata en honor a Lázaro Cárdenas de la Secundaria Técnica No. 1 Lázaro Cárdenas, ca. 1988. Cortesía de Adriana Estrada Álvarez.


Atlas of the city

08.jun.18 → 23.sep.18

Helena Lugo

The City Atlas is a project that invites people from Cuernavaca and its surroundings to contribute with original photographs in order to gather new gazes about persons, places and spaces that have been inspired by the landscape itself. For its first edition, more than 300 artists, architects, writers and specialists in different disciplines have been invited to share images of the 20th century. For the rest of the year we will collect materials extracted from both historical and personal archives in order to configure a collective visual atlas of the space that we inhabit.
The City Atlas is part of Correspondences; a curatorial project developed through a series of investigations around the characters, events and stories of Cuernavaca. It explores disciplines such as art, literature, photography, cinema, anthropology, theater and architecture, in order to propose new critical readings about the city.